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29 March 1987
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My name is Lara, I am currently a Stay At Home Mother to an energetic 5 year old boy. I moved from the city/suburban life out to the country a few years ago and am loving it. I married my husband Matt almost 1 year ago though we have been together almost a decade. I got to have my country wedding I always dreamed of. <3
I found out about live journal from a couple of my friends... and though I get on very rarely I do enjoy having a space to type down my thoughts and feelings where I don't have to worry about snooping eye's peaking at my journal.
I miss working though being a mom is very rewarding, I miss the adult interaction and earning my own money. I know that once the kid get's older I'll be able to work full time again, but in the meantime I really wish I could find some part time work that I could do.
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