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Dorian's First Cold
crazy faces
Well despite my best effort to not give Dorian my Extremely Bad Cold, I did. However, he seems to be handling it fairly well. He had his third round of vaccines today so he's a little more fussy than he has been, but other than that I'm suprised at how happy's he's been for being such a sick baby.
Tiffanie cleaned the house the other day... it looks so good I haven't wanted to use or dirty anything. I set up the highchair, so now Dorian can have a high place he can sit to watch TV, play with toys, and eat. The doctor told me I could start trying to feed him rice or oatmeal baby cereal with formula. Also, I'm aloud to start trying to feed him stage one baby foods. :) This should be interesting... I'm sure he will end up making quite the mess of himself.
Matt has been working a lot of odd hours, it seems like we never see each other anymore. However, this weekend is Valentines weekend, and we were able to arrange for us to spend the whole day together... we're gonna go to the movies, dinner, and then to have dessert and drinks at Hillorie and Joshs... it should be a nice relaxing baby free day to ourselves.
Neeb's passed away last week. She had a seizure and was in too bad a shape to come back out of it. I was very sad to see her go, but I knew that it was the best choice for her. Plus, I had been having trouble remembering to take care of her the way I needed to, so it probably worked out for the best.


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