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My little Red Headed baby :)
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So Kaylah turned 3years old earlier this week... for those of you who don't know, Kaylah is Joy's daughter and practically my niece:) And if you don't know Joy well then Poo on you b/c she's fuckin awesome! We went to Chuckie Cheese today to celibrate Kaylah's birthday and I got her so much shit. It wasn't just birthday gifts but it was also christmas gifts since we hadn't done christmas yet. We spent about three and a half hours at Chuckie Cheese but it was a blast. It was funny though b/c at first Kaylah just wanted to play with her polly pocket toy I got her. LOL! I was able to hide it from her though and get her to go play some games. However, about an hour and a half later she hadn't forgoten about it and we had to get it out and with such a short attention span she decided she didn't want to leave polly pocket and her boutique behind so we played arcade games and I got to carry polly and all her accesories around:) I didn't mind though anything for my little strawberry shortcake. I can't believe how big she's gotten though, it seem's like just yesterday I was in high school and she was a little baby. It was really great to see Joy too OF COURSE.. she has a new boyfriend who seems really nice and I'm really really happy for her. It's always good to see my friends happy. Other than that I'm at Stephens right now chillin with my girl Tiffanie!!!!! She came back from florida and I was soo fuckin excited I couldn't get here fast enough when I heard she was back. Me Tiff, Stephen and Jimmy are just chillin out tonight... I'm just gonna crash here tonight and go pick matt up tommorow when he get's off work... he has finally started returning his stuff to the Army and is going to get his discharge paperwork started :) I'm soooooooo happy!!! I'm such a sap but he's my baby I Love Him :) God I'm freaking sappy as hell LOL! We've started looking for an apartment together... however, I'm not getting my hope's up b/c next thing I know he'll be telling me that we're not moving out together after all... that would be my luck. On another note I'm thinking about getting my nipples pierced but I'm still not possitive...I'm a little nervouse about it. I'm exteremly happy with my life at this point, I mean everyone feel's as if there's things about themselves and their life that they could improve but at this point I'm not extremely unhappy with myself and my life which is really nice. I'm working on getting into a college and what not I'm thinking of going to school for early chilhood education. But I'm going to go chill with my friends now b/c I feel like I'm kinda neglecting the task at hand and ignoring my buddies.

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Well, speaking of how awesome I am, if you ever come back to LJ add my new name. ;)

No shit. I was gonna tell you to add this journal but you're all MIA.

Hmph. Well maybe I'll just tell you the next time I see you.


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