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Fun Times!!!!
crazy faces
So tonight Joy, Kaylah (joy's daughter who's 2) and I were driving around trying to find something to do instead of going home :) I love how we really took kaylah to the jail to visit our friend Justin!!!!! Of course a bunch of other people go there with their kids so it wasn't a big deal but it was pretty hillarious when Kaylah thought Joy and I were going to put her in Jail HAHAHA! I had recieve a letter back from Justin today and was talking to Joy about it when we decided that it just so happened to be visiting hours and decided to go see our buddy... I missed him soooooo much and it really sucked having a pane of plexiglass between us. It's so hard to picture him in there... for those of you who don't know this friend of mine he is NOT the jail type. Justin is my peaceful hippie :) I guess the other people in there with him have noticed this quality also, according to Justin they don't understand how someone of his nature is in there. However, his lawyer is 99% sure that he'll only get one year and his jail time will hopefully be taken out of that and it will only be 6 months in prison. It was really weird being in there... this place wasn't like what they show you in the movies, there weren't chairs to sit on and there wasn't a phone on either side of the window, it was just a kinda cubby hole where you stood and there were little holes in each side of the metal surrounding the window and it was really hard to hear each other. It was worth it though, I think Joy and I are going to go every tuesday to see him. It was really nice when he said that seeing us was the happiest he'd been since he's been in there and he's been there for six months, I feel pretty good about that. I so want to throw him a big party and give him a HUGE hug when he get's out.
This weekend I soooo got another car so now I don't have a car that leaks! However, it's an older Jimmy but it works well and it isn't as bad as it could be, plus i kinda like the extra power. Well, I'm about to go bone up on my Star News LOL! (thanks joy :) )


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