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Busy Busy Busy.....
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Well it's about 12:24a.m. and I'm sitting at Matt's house (my boyfriend for those of you who don't know) and I'm killing some time :) Matt is at work at the moment and he wont be returning till like 7:00a.m. In the mean time I've ate a big bowel of cereal, finished reading my book and it was AWESOME! I've given myself a facial, done some of matt's laundry (I'm such a nice girlfriend), I watched Mean Girls... It was really cool b/c I let matt and justin take my car to work tonight since matt's tags are expired and I was going to go get some movies to watch tonight and I realized I didn't have time since they were getting ready to go to work, luckily justin handed me a piece of paper that advertises this movie place in marion that deliver's rental's to your house! So I called them up and had them deliver The Notebook, and Mean Girls... I'm yet to watch The Notebook tonight but I will soon enough. I was thinking about messing with my hair but I'm not too sure about that. Obviously I'm pretty bored right now and trying to spread out my events for the night so I don't go to bed too early. See the way I look at it, if I go to bed right now then matt will come home at 7 in the morning and go to bed and sleep for quite some time, I'll wake up a little while after he goes to bed and then I wont have anything to do and I'll want to wake him up and then he'll get mad at me b/c I don't want to let him sleep, therefore if I stay up late I'll sleep longer and run less of a chance of pissing him off and being bored tommorow LOL! GOD I THINK ABOUT THINGS TOO MUCH
So Friday night I went out and had a blast with my friend Annie... I wasn't going to go out b/c I was sick and then I decied What the hell WHY NOT?!?!?! Plus since Annie works for Bacardi I get into bars for free and without being having to show my ID, cuz if I did I wouldn't be getting in. She had four promo's that night. One promo was at Frogbears by nationwide arena, the next was at Old School, another was at Gasworks, and I can't remember the name of the place the other one was b/c we weren't there for long. However, I got free drinks and met a lot of really fun and cool people. I think I need to go out with Annie more often :) The nice thing was we stayed out really really late and I wan't planning on driving home that night but I had to work in the morning, well Annie's parents had left her their hotel room off of lane ave and we just went there at the end of the night. On our way up to our room, there was this guy in the elevator, he started talking to us and then told us we should come to his room. We told him no thanks and he kept pushing so Annie was like well give me the number to your hotel room and we'll come down in a bit (trying to get him to leave us alone) Then he decided that it would be a good idea to come chill in our hotel room... so he came in for a little bit he and Annie drank a couple beers and then she kept trying to hint to him that it was time to go, he wasn't very perceptive and I'm sure it didn't help that he was drunk LOL... well he ended up laying down on the bed (not my bed) and then he had the nerve to turn off the light! Annie came in from the bathroom and turned it back on and then next thing I know Annie lay's down and start's talking to him trying to tell him it's time he go and stay in his room with his buddies. Well I'm not one for confrontation and neither is Annie but in that situation I needed to get to bed cuz I had to be at work in three hours and I wasn't going to sleep with some strange guy in the room... finally I told him that I wasn't comfortable with him in the room and that he needed to go. Luckily he was respectful enough that he left and didn't make a scene. So I fall asleep and when I wake up three hours later two guys from earlier in the night (friends of annies) were in the room also LOL... one was passed out on annies bed with her and the other was on the floor at the foot of my bed with not blanket in front of the air conditioner, so I get up get dressed for work wake annie up to walk me to my car and get shane (at the foot of my bed) and tell him to get in the bed and go to sleep since I was leaving. Well it turns out matt didn't like the whole issue of two guys staying in Annie and I's hotel room but concidering that when I went to sleep they weren't there it wasn't like I knew they were going to be sleeping in there... luckily I have an understanding boyfriend and he didn't freak out on me :) Well that's enough from me I"m going to go watch my movie.


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