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First week back to work, after Maternity leave
crazy faces
It was a good first week back to work (first full week), my boss was out all week so I had the office to myself... it gave me a chance to catch up on some things and get a lot done. I'm also happy to know that the one employee I couldn't stand has quit, so I no longer have to listen to her bitch and moan anymore.
Seem's like a lot of old friends have been coming out of the woodwork, it's nice since I've been feeling pretty lonely and like I've lost all of my friends... now to find the time to hang out with my friends. Hahaha! Speaking of friends... I'm very happy to have Tiffanie as a friend. I came home the other day and she had totally re-organized my living room and kitchen to make my house a little more spacious and tidy.
Dorian is doing well. He's getting big quickly, but I'm kinda impatient for him to get to the age where we can take him to go experiance things... like playing in the snow, going to the Zoo, going to Cosi, and going to the water park. I'm going to take him to Zoombeezi Bay this year but I think he's gonna be too young to really enjoy it. I'm just excited to ride the rides this year, I couldn't ride all last summer cuz I was pregnant. :( Dorian should have his 4 month doctors appointment soon, I'm sad to see him get all of those shots again, but it's to keep him healthy.
I can't wait for tax season to start... I should be getting my W-9's pretty soon and I can't wait for the re-bate. I hope to get rid of my medical debit, pay off most of or all of my credit card, and I hope to have enough extra left to get a new laptop... I'm really sick of my laptop breaking down all of the time. I am really excited to get a new phone. I think I'm going to save up and try to get the Verizon Droid, and pay the extra $35 a month for the internet etc.... Yay! :)


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